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26.07.2022 - Blog


The basis of our prosperity

In the last blog post, we discussed the advantages and benefits of manual labor. Manual labor is not only an important means of putting the finishing touches on products, it is also a basic prerequisite for automation. Today, automation is omnipresent and often has a bad reputation, but it is the basis of our prosperity and progress. There are numerous examples of this and we would like to take a closer look at some of them today.


Automation is an essential key to success - especially for manufacturing companies in Europe. It is the only way we can sustainably secure our competitiveness today, prevent the migration of key technologies, create skilled jobs and conquer new markets.

Good jobs

Automation can relieve people of monotonous, physically stressful or even unhealthy tasks. Perfect interaction between man and machine ensures higher-quality and safer jobs. This leaves employees time to devote themselves to creative and value-adding activities.

Product quality

A high level of automation ensures consistently high quality with 100% repeatability, extensive quality checks and complete traceability. Many of our highly complex products could not be manufactured without automation.


Humanity is growing rapidly - so careful use of resources is paramount. Smart automation of production can make a decisive contribution to sustainably minimizing the use of energy and raw materials.

Automation thus creates efficient work paths, opportunities for more sustainable production and thus also affordable products, which ultimately makes our prosperity possible in the first place. Manual labor continues to be an important factor here, as it is not only the basic prerequisite for automating processes, but also continues to be necessary in order to carry out certain activities that cannot be automated and to further optimize processes. Automation and manual work are therefore interdependent and closely interwoven. At Rieger Metallveredlung, we therefore rely on a clever mixture of both in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible service!