The all-rounder among metals

Aluminum can be used for a very wide range of applications thanks to its low density yet high strength and because of its light weight. Its good formability, in both a hot and cold state, makes it easy to weld and forge and its good conductivity of electricity and heat makes aluminum a preferred raw material in the automotive sector and the electronics industry. It is naturally resistant to corrosion because of its natural oxide layer.

Melting point: 660°C (933°K)
Boiling point: 2470°C (2743°K)

At Rieger Metallveredlung we have mainly specialised in this metal and are experts in aluminum electroplating. This expertise is reflected in our portfolio. Here all processes from chrome to nickel, copper and tin to anodising can be deposited on workpieces made of different aluminum alloys.

Since there are a very wide range of applications for aluminum, the requirements are also vary greatly. We are in a good position to address these requirements because of the diversity of our machinery, our in-house polishing workshop and our expert staff.