Polished chrome

The high-gloss finishing process

Chrome is one of the transition metals and cannot be found naturally in its purest form. That's why it is mined as chromite or chrome iron ore. Chrome is a corrosion and tarnish-resistant metal with a high degree of hardness. Its properties and blue shimmering sheen make it a popular surface in the automotive sector as well as in the furniture industry and many other sectors of industry. It is normally used here for decoration or as an eye-catching feature.

Surface finishing – polished chrome

Chrome from Rieger

Chrome plating is an integral part of metal finishing

Each of the above-mentioned metal finishing processes is included in the Rieger portfolio and can be realised in small batches as well as in large-scale production thanks to our flexible systems. The upstream processes, such as pickling, etching, polishing or grinding, are also available in-house and are carried out by competent personnel. We can realise these surfaces on the following metals: iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel, aluminum.