The glossy metal

It is used in many areas in electrical engineering and installation technology as an excellent electrical and heat conductor. Another feature is its good formability, which makes copper a popular material for artists. It is also very popular as a material for coins.

Copper is often used as an intermediate layer in chrome plating processes in electroplating. This process is also used at Rieger in addition to others, such as the direct copper plating of metals. Fully automated machines and a manual system are available for both processes. A further advantage at Rieger is the in-house polishing workshop where high-quality materials can be polished.

The process at a glance

Description of procedure

Copper is deposited from cyanide or sulphuric acid electrolytes.

Copper layers deposited from cyanide baths are important as intermediate layers before nickel and chrome plating of steel surfaces as well as on zinc die castings. The acidic electrolytes are mainly used because of the good luster formation and levelling.

Advantageous properties

  • good adhesive strength of cyanide copper layers on all common base materials such as steel and brass. Especially suitable as intermediate layer for zinc die casting. Direct deposition on aluminium possible (see CUCAL process).
  • good polishability of the acidic copper layers
  • good electrical conductivity
  • Colorability of the layers (old copper)
  • antibacterial effect

Fields of application

  • all areas where zinc die casting is prepared for further galvanic coating (for subsequent nickel, chrome, tin plating, etc.)
  • as "putty" for polishing out porous base material
  • decorative purposes due to its reddish color and colorability
  • and others

Examples of use

  • Automotive Industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Sanitary industry
  • lighting industry
  • and others