Electroless nickel

The electroless alternative

Unlike with electroplated nickel,no external power is required for electroless nickel.This is self-generated in a bath through chemical oxidation reactions and therefore leads to the deposition of the necessary electrons. Thanks to the contour authenticity and the good scattering behaviour of the electroless nickel layer, it is ideal for precision parts or workpieces with hard-to-reach areas, such as deep holes or interior spaces. The treated surface creates a good degree of hardness that can already be achieved with a low phosphorous content (3-7%). The corrosion protection can also be improved, however a high phosphorous content (10-14%) is an advantage.

You can find a good compromise of the two strengths of electroless nickel at Rieger. Since our phosphorous content has an average value (9-12%), good results can be achieved with both corrosion protection and hardness.