The classic among metals

Iron is one of the oldest and longest known metals that human beings have encountered during their development. Iron is therefore one of the most important raw materials. It is used and processed almost everywhere. It is used in many applications in the electrical industry because of its good electrical and thermal conductivity. Its high density and stability make it a preferred building material in the construction industry and a basic material in the automotive industry.

Another characteristic of iron is that it can be processed in its pure state or with different alloying additives, such as titanium, chrome to steel and rust-proof steel, better known as stainless steel. This type of iron has very high corrosion resistance and can therefore be found in other areas of application, such as in the shipbuilding industry. There is a large number of surfaces that can be deposited on iron due to its versatile use. Chrome, nickel, copper and tin are in Rieger's portfolio here. You can also find the upstream chemical processes again here, such as pickling, and the mechanical processes like grinding and polishing.