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“Success with electroplating” – this guiding principle defines the corporate culture at Rieger. The focus here is on overcoming challenges and working towards achieving this success together with our customers. This philosophy has now been the backbone of the family company and its employees for more than 70 years. A high level of specialisation, good Swabian quality and the sustainability of processes are just as important a feature in the realisation of this guiding principle as innovative research and development and our specialisation in areas of electroplating, such as aluminum electroplating.

Why surface technology is indispensable

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Metal finishing processes

The right process for any type of application


The high-quality appearance and scarcity make copper a very sought-after raw material.

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The electroless nickel layer is particularly suitable for precision parts and many other workpieces.

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Chrome is a corrosion and tarnish-resistant metal with a high degree of hardness and is therefore very robust.

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The good electrical conductivity makes tin a preferred surface in the electrical and automotive industries.

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The advantage of an anodised finishing is the high corrosion protection for aluminum workpieces.

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Aluminum is a very popular material because of its many special properties.

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Stainless steel

As a rust-proof steel, stainless steel is often the preferred raw material in many areas of industry.

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Iron is one of the oldest and longest known metals and can be used in many different applications.

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Copper (alloys)

The versatility of copper and the easy processing make copper very popular for metal finishing.

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Electroless nickel

The high contour authenticity and good scattering behaviour make elecstroless nickel very interesting.

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Polishing removes all impurities and unevenness on the raw material.

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The most important and ultimate goal at Rieger is to deliver the best quality for each and every customer at all times.

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