Environmental protection

and renewable energies


At Rieger Metallveredlung, we understand environmental protection to mean the entirety of all measures to protect the environment. It is important for us to carry out the ecological protective measures in a sustainable manner.

Electroplating is environmental protection

Electroplating in itself is an environmentally friendly technology. The task of surface technology is to provide workpieces and products with suitable surfaces, whereby the economical use of raw materials and energy is sought. This goal is ideally achieved in electroplating, since functional layers, which largely determine the properties of a workpiece, are applied to the base materials with a thickness of only a few µm. The valuable raw materials are therefore used extremely economically and specifically only where they are really needed.

In the cycle

When using the necessary auxiliary materials, the concept of cycle is fundamental to what we do.

Climate neutral

We are climate-neutral when using the energy required to generate the galvanic surfaces. We use self-generated regenerative energy to an increasing extent and only use green electricity. The remaining CO2 emissions are offset by investments in sustainable, certified climate protection projects.