Rieger Metallveredlung News – IHK Managing Director visiting

after the factory tour. from left to right: Beate Dimter, Franz Rieger, Michaela Eberle, Igor Rudel

IHK Managing Director visiting

Michaela Eberle is impressed by innovative electroplating

The chief executive of the IHK Ostwürttemberg Michaela Eberle makes frequent visits to larger and smaller companies in your area of responsibility. So she also visited our company and inquired about our performance in the field of galvanic surface coating.

After a brief outline of the now 66-year history of the company by the managing director Franz Rieger, the various possibilities were discussed. The anodization, the chrome plating or the tinning of various base metals such as aluminium, iron, copper or brass have been discussed. The wide range of different customer industries, as well as the automotive industry as well as the electrical industry, the shipping industry, mechanical engineering or the hardware industry has been demonstrated.

Galvani discovered muscle contraction through experiments with frog legs when exposed to copper and iron, with copper and iron attached to each other. So Galvani unknowingly made a circuit consisting of two different metals, an electrolyte ("saltwater" in the frog's thigh) and a "current indicator" (muscle). Galvani did not yet recognize these relationships, but he laid the groundwork for the development of electrochemical cells (also called Galvanic Cells or Galvanic Elements) by Alessandro Volta.

Procurator Beate Dimter has reported on the dedicated personnel policy of the house which has created a very positive and efficient staff.

Plant manager Igor Rudel led Ms. Eberle through the plant. She was able to recognize the high manual skills of the Rieger employees, which is necessary to produce surfaces of consistently high quality.

During the final discussion, the IHK chief executive was impressed by the interplay of automation, robotics and human skills. This shows a high innovative strength which is confirmed again and again by the obtained patents.