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18.07.2022 - Blog

Manual labor

A basic requirement for automation

In today's age, workflows and processes are constantly being digitized and automated. However, good manual labor is indispensable even today.

What does manual labor mean?

The term handwork generally refers to a manual activity as well as its results (products). In particular, today it is referred to as a seal of quality, a product of handicraft activity that cannot be produced industrially or that is not comparable in quality and workmanship. Historically, manual work refers to production without or with minor involvement of machines in a manufactory.

How do we work?

At Rieger Metallveredlung, manual work is mainly used for the galvanization of individual parts or smaller series. This can be done over the entire range of surfaces. In the area of chrome plating (bright chrome, black chrome or hard chrome), in the mechanical preparatory work (grinding, brushing, polishing) as well as in anodizing (anodizing) or tinning or copper plating. This is where the craftsmanship of Rieger employees is in demand. Thanks to the expertise of our employees, you always receive the highest quality - even if this cannot be achieved by our machines.

In the next blog post, automation will be discussed in comparison to manual work.