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16.06.2023 - Blog

Electroplating – measurable success

A benefit that can be measured

Galvanic surfaces are not only economical, value-adding and resource- and environment-friendly, but also offer many measurable advantages.

Corrosion protection

Reliable corrosion protection is of particular importance to the automotive and vehicle industry, as it is directly related to vehicle longevity and warranty. Whether interior or exterior - electroplating offers the highest level of customized corrosion protection.

High wear resistance

Wear occurs wherever components move. As a result, dimensional stability is lost. Functional coatings such as hard chrome or electroless nickel prevent this wear and ensure the longevity of components or help minimize fuel consumption, as in the case of injection valves or inner cylinder walls.

Perfect appearance, diverse combination options

Electroplated surface systems such as copper, nickel and chrome offer aesthetics and design par excellence and open up unimagined possibilities for future product lines for developers and designers.

The possible combinations of electroplated layers are so extensive that a complete presentation is impossible here. Electroplating has a suitable solution for every area of application. In addition to corrosion resistance, wear protection and appearance, other requirement criteria such as temperature resistance, sliding properties, friction reduction, contact and conductivity, solderability and chemical resistance often play a major role.

Precisely defined surface properties - that is electroplating!