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f. left: Michael Sautter, MdL Martin Grath, Franz Rieger, MdL Andreas Schwarz Group Chairman the GRÜNEN, Susanne Rieger, BM Holger Weise, Beate Dimter

The GRÜNEN at Rieger

Andreas Schwarz Group Chairman the GRÜNEN in the state parliament Baden-Wurttemberg to visit

On April 29, 2019, we received a visit from Andreas Schwarz. Accompanied by the group leader of the GRÜNEN of the state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg were Mr. Martin Grath, MdL for the district of Heidenheim, as well as other members of the GRÜNEN from the district of Heidenheim. Other participants included Steinheimer Mayor Holger Weise and members of the "E-Mobilsten".

After the introduction with the history of the Rieger metal finishing the modern production possibilities of the Rieger metal finishing were visited during a tour. Of particular interest was the increasing level of automation, including the use of robotics in metal finishing. Thus, in Maker-Space, new opportunities are constantly being created. Currently, a COBOT (collaborating robot) is trained there for taking over grinding work. These are required to produce a good glossy chrome result.

Of course, the political discussion was not too short. Mr. Franz Rieger criticizes the burgeoning bureaucracy, which represents a much greater challenge for a small medium-sized enterprise than for a large company or even a group.

Finally, it could be pointed out that ecology and economics are two sides of a medal and need each other. Rieger Metallveredlung was thus able to show that industrial production is also justified in the scenic and multiply protected environment of meteor crater of Steinheim.