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22.12.2022 - Blog

We love aluminum!

The all-rounder among the metals

In addition to copper, stainless steel and iron, we particularly like working with aluminum! Today, it is one of the most frequently used utility metals and is mainly applied where a light but strong material is required. It is a very flexible material, which we help to achieve the desired application with the appropriate surface.

Fields of application

Due to its good formability both when hot and cold, aluminum can be easily welded and forged. Since it also has good conductivity, it is one of the preferred raw materials in various industries such as the automotive industry or the electrical industry.
Its low specific weight makes it indispensable in lightweight construction. In addition, it has a very high recycling rate of over 90%. The casting process is preferred for cost-effective production. Various other substances are added to the aluminum for this purpose.

Since the areas of application are so diverse, we are of course only scratching the surface here. We will therefore be devoting special attention to this topic in the near future and taking a closer look at it. So you can be curious to see what else will be added in the future!