Rieger Metallveredlung Blog – Why automate?

Why automate?

Why automate in electroplating?

During a tour of our company Rieger Metallveredlung I am always asked by visitors why we automate. Especially with regard to the new use of a Cobot (collaborating robot) in our polishing shop.

The reasons are best described in a brochure of the VDMA from which I quote here:


Automation is an essential key to success - especially for manufacturing companies in Europe. Only in this way can we sustain our competitiveness today, prevent the outflow of cutting-edge technology, create skilled jobs and conquer new markets.

Product quality

A high level of automation ensures consistently high quality with 100% repeatability, extensive quality checks and complete traceability. Many of our highly complex products would not be manufacturable without automation.

Good jobs

Automation can relieve people of monotonous, physically demanding or even harmful tasks. A perfect interaction between man and machine ensures higher quality and secure jobs. This gives employees time to devote themselves to creative and value-adding activities.


Humanity is growing rapidly - a careful use of resources is the top priority. Smart automation of production can make a decisive contribution to sustainably minimizing the use of energy and raw materials


Automation is the foundation of our prosperity and provides affordable products.

Therefore, in our electroplating for the surface treatment of the goods of our customers, in addition to the manual equipment, we have different machines. Our machines 1 and 2 are used for the anodization of aluminium with subsequent hot or cold compaction (sealing). In our drum machine, the machine 3, we do nickel-plate, copper plate or tin plate in bulk materials. Our Automat 4 is the most flexible system for different surface treatments. Nickel plating, chrome plating, copper plating, tin plating and anodizing with passivation for the customer's goods made of aluminium, steel, iron, copper or brass are carried out here.