Rieger Metallveredlung Blog – Energy efficiency system approved

Energy efficiency system approved

System for improving energy efficiency confirmed.

(June 2021) Electroplating is one of the most energy-intensive technologies. Unnecessary energies are the best means of avoiding CO2, which is why careful use of energy resources is absolutely essential. For this purpose, a system for continuous improvement of energy efficiency was installed at Rieger Metallveredlung. The effectiveness of this system is checked through regular audits by external bodies.

This review was recently carried out and we have provided evidence that we meet the relevant requirements. This was confirmed to us with the presentation of the new certificate. You can find the certificate in our download area on our homepage under "www.Rieger-MV.de".

We are proud to be able to prove to our customers with our surface offerings such as bright chrome, black chrome, nickel plating, tin plating and anodizing and passivation that environmentally friendly production is possible.