Rieger Metallveredlung Blog – Sandblasting - Photo of the new sandblasting cabin
22.12.2022 - Blog


New at Rieger!

With our new sandblasting cabin, we are now also able to offer various blasting services.

What is sandblasting?

Many people know sandblasting more in connection with cleaning, e.g. graffiti removal or rust removal. In terms of the general principle of action, there is not much difference between this field of application and the treatment of materials in our company, because in principle, the fine particles always create an abrasive effect to which the affected surfaces are subjected. However, with us the technique is not only used to remove dirt, but to prepare the surfaces for further processing. It is a tuning for the metal surface structure.

Sandblasting processes at Rieger

We offer glass bead blasting as well as corundum blasting processes:

Corundum blasting:

Corundum is a sharp-edged, ferrite-free abrasive for metal surfaces for removing paint or coatings and for surface preparation. With the appropriate grit size, a very rough surface can be achieved.

Glass bead blasting:

When blasting with ferrite-free glass beads, a certain amount of plastic deformation is achieved, which creates residual stress in the workpiece (strain hardening) and thus increases surface hardness and fatigue strength. The surface is less roughened than by blasting with corundum, but rather matted.